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What's the shipping cost? 
     There is no additional charge to transfer a boat between any of our locations.  
What's the warranty on a new boat? 
     Every manufacturer has their own warranty, check out the manufacturer's website or call us for more details on new boat warranties 
What additional fees are there? 
     Our dealer handling fee of $89.50 and any applicable sales tax are the only additional costs added to your total. If financing there may be fees associated with your contract.  
Do you accept trade in's? 
     Yes, we can accept a trade in on most boat purchases, pending trade check out and unit approval. 
Do I need insurance on my boat? 
     Marine insurance is highly recommended for any boat owner, but proof of insurance is only required if you're financing through our lenders. We can help connect you with a specality marine insuarance group. 
How do I schedule service/ warranty work?
     Call, text, or email your preferred location for more information about scheduling service.        Contact us here
I don't see my question here, who do I contact?
     Call or text us! 970-225-6666. We're happy to answer any additional questions you may have! 
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